My guitars

My Carvin DC-127

My main guitar, custom made at Carvin, USA. Quilted maple on an alder wood body; maple neck (neck through body construction) and ebony fretboard; original Floyd Rose tremolo and mother of perl block inlays; passive electronics.

My first guitar - Cort:

My Samick:

My Fender Strat.:

My 1962 Höfner:

My acustic guitar, Bjarton B-10:

My effects:

I used my Marshall amp (the one shown on the Fender picture) for a long time, but it sorta died after being on the road for 500+ gigs, so I now use a Peavey Classic, 50 watt tube amp. I bought it used, as it is nearly as old as I am - it has a really nice and crisp sound though: